Where I'm from they say, "If you don't hear, you will feel". 

The latter is a promise.

I'm a writer, director and photographer. 

I just like telling stories that make people feel something.

founder of Rxnin Co. Films

London based.

available for local/international commissions.

email: info@jolade.com // jolade@rxninco.com



Sony - Columbia Records - Google - TFL - WeTransfer - WePresent - Red Bull - Red Bull Music - BBC - The U.S Embassy - Channel 4 - V05 - Buzzfeed - Kodak - Expedia - One Young World - Roundhouse - YouTube - London Live - Chukus LDN 

SXWKS: Brick and Salt, 2016
SXWKS: 5 - 12, 2017
The Photography Show: Kodak, Birmingham NEC, 2018
VSCO, Pitch Magazine, WeTransfer, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Dots, Cactus Magazine, BBC 1Xtra, BET, TFL, Expedia, Hiive, YouTube,

None. Freelance.

For work enquiries or anything else, please contact me at: info@jolade.com or use the form >.

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